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Picture Jewelry Can Prove To Be the Best Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

There can be plenty of reasons behind the many celebratory moments in the life of a person, and most of these celebrations involve gifts from one person to another. Be it birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or the many number of other such occasions, gifts have become a common phenomenon on such occasions. However, it is important to ensure that the gifts given must have certain emotional and sentimental value to the person receiving them. There are several gift items such as the personalized necklaces that may not have an exorbitant price tag, but will definitely hold an extraordinary sentimental value to the person who is given one of those.

Price does not determine value

There are many people who think that getting a gift that costs a lot will definitely win them a lot of appreciation and gratitude from the receivers. This is, however, only true for truly priceless items that the receivers desire but cannot obtain. These items usually include cars, properties and similar such accessories. There are, on the other hand, a few expensive items that may cost a lot of money, but does not hold any value for the receiving persons. Hence, there is no point to a gift that does not hold any value for the person presenting it as well as the one receiving it. It makes receivers feel like the presenter simply went to a store and got something expensive without having to spare much thought about the gifting item. It is, after all, the thought that counts when deciding gifts.

A little more on the thought

Well, whenever you are planning a gift for a person, the value (and not the price) must explain the value of that person in your life. So, it doesn't really matter what the price tag is on that items as long as there is an idea or a sentiment behind the choice of that item. This is the reason why personalization can go a long way in determining the perfect gift that you can give to a person. Even a simple memorial Necklace with Picture can bring a huge smile on the face of a person when you gift one to them. They will not only be able to appreciate the idea behind the choice of item, but also the thought that you really value their presence in your life to have spent the time and made the effort to get one such item for them.

Let us now look at some beautiful personalized picture pendants that can be gifted for all occasions and reasons.

Personalized Heart Shape Photo Necklace

Personalized Photo Necklace Heart Shape 925 Silver

This personalized heart shaped pendant will make the ideal gift for your loved ones for all occasions. With options between titanium steel and silver to choose from in terms of material, this pendant offers elegance and trendiness at the same time. The thickness of the pendant is about 1.2mm, which makes it light enough for people of all ages.Order here:Personalized Heart Shape Photo Necklace

Personalized Round Photo Necklace

Personalized Photo Necklace Round silver or 18k gold plate

Using 0.925 Sterling Silver with an 18k Gold Plated ring on the circumference, this personalized pendant is ideal for you if you are looking for a gift that looks as valuable as the person you are giving it to. This pendant is ideal for occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day, and you can insert a picture to match the occasion. There is also an option to inscribe a message on the back so that you can also use words to let your loved ones know how you feel.Order here:Personalized Round Photo Necklace

Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Necklace Silver or 18K gold Plate

Personalized Photo Necklace Heart Shape 18k gold plate

This personalized Pendant with Picture is in the shape of a heart, and is ideal for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for other occasions. The pendant is made of 0.925 Sterling Silver and has an 18k Gold Plated layer that runs along the circumference. With a thickness of 1.2mm, this pendant has the perfect weight as well as an elegant appearance for people from all gender and age.Order here:Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Necklace Silver or 18K gold Plate

Custom Memorial Picture Silver Necklace

Custom picture necklaces,silver necklace,memorial Necklace

This memorial picture necklace is the ideal gift item for you loved ones and can be used for all festivals and occasions. With a thickness of 1.2mm and a radius of 25mm or 1.33 inches, this pendant is made of 0.925 Sterling Silver or Titanium steel, making it a strong and sturdy jewelry item. Insert a picture of your choice and inscribe a message on the back, and you will get a perfect gift item for your loved ones.Order here:Custom Memorial Picture Silver Necklace

Custom Photo and Picture Dog Tag Necklace made of Titanium steel

Custom Photo Picture Necklace Titanium steel

This dog tag necklace is made of stainless steel or titanium steel, which increases its durability and makes it last longer than most jewelry items made of other materials. This is due to the fact that titanium steel does not oxidize or tarnish like other common materials used in the making of jewelry items. This makes the personalized ideal for presenting to a loved one. With a thickness of 1.2mm and length and width of 5cm or 2 inches and 2.8cm and 1.12 inch respectively, this memorial Necklace with Picture does make for an elegant piece on the neck.Order here:Custom Photo and Picture Dog Tag Necklace made of Titanium steel

Angel Wings 925 Heart Shaped Photo Necklace

Angel Wings 925 Photo Necklace Heart Shape

This heart shaped pendant has simplicity in it, but that does minimal harm to the radiant elegance it exudes. This 0.925 Sterling Silver pendant is 1.2mm thick and has a radius of 25mm or 1.33 inches, making it is lightweight jewelry item for people from all sex and age. The necklace also comes with a wing and a colored stone that resembles a diamond, and you will have the option to choose from 12 different colored stones based on the month of the occasion. This only adds to the exorbitant appearance of the neckpiece.Order here:Angel Wings 925 Heart Shaped Photo Necklace

Angel Wings 925 Photo Necklace Round

Angel Wings 925 Photo Necklace Round

This is a round pictured pendant made of 0.925 Sterling Silver, and is accompanied by an angel wing and a colored stone that resembles a diamond. The pendant is 1.2mm thick and has a radius of 25mm or 1.33 inches, making it ideal for children as well as older people. The stone is available in 12 different colors with a color for each month of the year. This gives you the option to determine the color of the stone on the basis of the month of your occasion for the gift.Order here:Angel Wings 925 Photo Necklace Round

Couples and Mothers necklace with a Pendant with Picture

Mothers necklace,couple necklaces,Pendant with Picture

Made with 0.925 Sterling Silver, this pendant exudes elegance and simplicity at the same time. With a radius of 25mm or 1.33 inches and a thickness of 1.2mm, this necklace pendant can be the perfect gift item for mothers, partners, friends, brother and sisters, or any other person that you may want to present it to.Order here:Couples and Mothers necklace with a Pendant with Picture

Personalized Photo Heart shaped Necklace

Personalized Photo Necklace Heart shaped Necklace

Who doesn't love a heart shaped necklace pendant? Made of 0.925 Sterling Silver, this heart shaped pendant is the ideal gift item for all your loved ones. Simply personalize the image and message on the pendant and gift it to your loved ones in all festivals and occasions.Order here:Personalized Photo Heart shaped Necklace

What kind of festivals and occasions can you use such personalized necklaces for?

There are a wide number of occasions and festivals where you can gift these personalized items to your loved ones. In fact, they can be the perfect gifts for almost all festivities and occasions. You simply need to personalize them according to the occasion as well as the relationship that you share with the person to whom you gift these items. Some of the most popular festivals where such personalized items can be gifted are:

Birthdays: If you are celebrating the birthday of a loved one, simply use a picture of them with you or a meaningful message that signifies your relationship with them. This will make the item priceless and express to them about their place in your life.

Christmas: Always a time for gifts and presents, Christmas can be the perfect occasion for you to use one of these personalized items to tell a person how you feel about them, and showering your love upon them in the festive season.

Valentine’s Day: What better occasion do you need to express your feelings for your partner than Valentine’s day, and how better to express them than presenting a personalized item? Use a heart-shaped pendant and insert a lovely picture of you with your partner in it. Your partner can literally wear your relationship on their necks for eternity,heart necklace for girlfriend maybe a good choice.

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day holds a very special place in the heart of every person who has had the good fortune of having a mother. We look for different ways to tell them how special they are for us, and how much we appreciate everything that they have done for us. A personalized Mothers necklace can really go a long way to let them know about the special place that they hold in our lives and much more. You can also use these personalized jewelry items for Father’s day.

Friendship Day: We all have that special friend or a group of friend that are always close to us. On the special occasion of Friendship Day, these personalized jewelry items can be the perfect way to strengthen the already strong bond that you share with your best friend or friends.

Siblings Day: No matter how much you fight with you brothers and sisters, there is a lot of love between you on this very special day. The love is always there, despite all the fights and quarrels, and a personalized jewelry item may be the best way to tell your brother or sister how important they are for you.

There are a number of other such occasions that can be included in this list such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, End of Graduation, Back-to-School, and many more. You simply need a reason to give a person a gift, and you can use the personalization ideas already available on such platforms to come up with the perfect gift item. You could even come up with an idea of your own and the personalization can be done accordingly to come up with that perfect gift items for a person that means so much to you.

How to get your hands on a Pendant with Picture for your loved ones?

Well, it is not all that difficult to get the perfect personalized pendant or necklace for your loved ones. All you need to do is visit our website (, where you will find a large collection of personalized items that can be the perfect gift items for your loved ones. Once you have made a choice of the items that you would like to gift, you can book the item. One the next page, you will have options to submit pictures or messages that you might want to add on the jewelry item. You can also leave instructions on how you want your message or the picture to be used on the pendants or the jewelry items. You can either upload your message or you can choose from the many lovable messages that we already have on the site.

There are some messages and words for all occasions, and you can choose one from these options. After you have chosen or uploaded your message and picture(If your photo is upside down or other picture problems, we will adjust it), you can proceed to the next page. Before finalizing the gift item, you can also choose the material for the gift items or even the length of the chain(18/20/24/30 inch silver chain necklace) that you want for the necklaces. When you have made all of those adjustments, you can add them to your cart and proceed to the payment site. Here, you will be informed as to how soon your item can be delivered. You can choose the destination as well as the date of delivery according to the occasion.

1.Some people may want to use pictures in double-sided,Yes,we can make it
2.Some people may want to together 2 pictures in one picture,Yes,we can make it

If you have this special requirement,After you order it,send us your other pictures to (Because our website only allow upload one picture),and tell us your order number or order email.

Once you have completed the payment, your gift item will be prepared and shipped to your loved ones for delivery. You can simply stand around to capture the surprise on their faces as well as all the overpowering love that they shower on you once they have received a priceless gift item from you on a very special occasion.